Forge Equipping

Forge Equipping 2023 – Deandre Leith

Hola amigos y familia,

From the moment of my conception, throughout my life, those close to me knew the Lord had His hand over my life, even in the most difficult of times. I have always known that the Lord is calling me to be an Evangelist for Him. Even when I was in high school, the Holy Spirit was always pressing on my heart to evangelize to my school peers around me.

At one point, I remember I was on a bus packed full of people when the Holy Spirit pressed on me to share the gospel and I did. Now, I am at a stage in my life where God has made it clear that this is what I am to dedicate myself to.

Just like many figures in the Bible there was always a preparation phase. I know my time here at CIU is preparing me in the grand scheme of my calling. I also know God is preparing me through prayer, supplication, and conversations with people I spiritually esteem.

In the same way, I know without a doubt that God has been leading me towards Forge Equipping this summer. While CIU is preparing me in a more general way, I believe that Forge Equipping will give me some very specific ministry tools. Forge Equipping is a physically, emotionally, and spiritually intense discipleship program hosted by Forge ( Está lleno de enseñanza por Forge Speakers, team building, and outdoor adventures. Our destinations include both urban and rural locations where we will experience a variety of ministry opportunities. We will also take part in Forge's summer camp called Deep Camp.

So, I am curious if you would be interested in joining me in my journey of ministry preparation. I am looking for those who would be interested in partnering with me in prayer as well as those who would be willing to partner with me financially.

Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration!  

Thank you from the depth of my heart,

  • Deandre Leith